I hate to say “I told you so!”..but I told you so. Reply

I hate to say “I told you so!”..but I told you so…. Ellery, I sounded the alarm almost a year and a half ago. In my campaign for Salisbury Representative for The Region 1 Board. I said that in one of my first actions, I would call for open forums on “The Common Core”. Also over a year and a half ago I requested the board to hold public forums on ” Common Core”. Please look at the story in today’s Republican American of which I have posted below,,,

Republican American:

A retired teacher’s request for a public meeting about the Common Core academic standards will be honored.

Ellery “Woods” Sinclair, who taught English at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, wrote to Region 1 Board of Education Chairman Andrea Downs in July asking that such a session be scheduled. In his letter, he wrote that he would like the meeting to address the effect the initiative has upon the school’s educational program.

“Now my concern is heightened, especially with regard to information that I have enclosed,” Sinclair stated. “I am appalled by the literature requirement: 50 percent of all elementary reading assignments be nonfiction and at the secondary level growing to 70 percent for grade 12. As a parent and especially as a former English teacher and department head, I find this requirement utterly outrageous. Why our English department is not in full revolt, I cannot comprehend.” Sinclair wrote that masterpieces by William Shakespeare and John Steinbeck should not being dropped in favor of informational texts.

Downs asked Assistant Superintendent Diane Goncalves to put together an informational meeting about Common Core. Goncalves said she would form a panel that will present a program about Common Core.

Sinclair ended his letter by saying, “I regret being strident, but someone must ring a bell lest our educational system has become inured to public concern.”

Seven veteran teachers spotlighted for serving Region One for either 25 or 35 years Reply

At the opening meeting for the school year Wednesday at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, seven veteran teachers were spotlighted for serving the district for either 25 or 35 years.
Kent Center School foreign language teacher Linda Miller has been at the school for 25 years.

Lee H. Kellogg School language arts teacher Paula Rogers has 25 years of service.

Linda Peppe has been a primary grade teacher at North Canaan Elementary School for 25 years.

Scott Fellows. The chairman of the math department, Fellows reached his 25th year at the school.

Fran Goodsell, the school psychologist at Salisbury Central School has also reached her 25th-year

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The Connecticut state Board of Educa­tion has approved common school calendars Reply

The Connecticut state Board of Educa­tion has approved common school calendars that will eventually synchronize start dates, vacations and teacher training days in districts across the state.Lawmakers in 2013 approved a law requiring that districts across the state, di­vided into six groups, adopt common calendars. It was meant to allow districts, with matching schedules, to group together to save money on things like bus contracts and teacher training.Connecticuts districts are already grouped together into six regional education service centers for teacher training, minority staff recruitment, human service assistance and other collaborative purposes. The state law requires districts in each RESC to adopt a com­mon calendar.

The law requires the RESCs to develop uniform calendars for the coming school year, but districts don’t have to adopt these cal­endars until the 2015-16. And if existing contracts conflict with that calendar, the districts can push off adoption until the 2016-17 school year.Under the calendars adopt­ed by the state Board of Edu­cation, schools statewide would open Aug. 27, have a common spring vacation and have students out of school for Election Day, allowing for professional development. Districts would be able to determine their own closing dates.