Why A NO vote is a must, This quote from Su­perintendent Patricia Cham­berlain shows the arrogance of the top levels of the administration of Region One… 2



 “if the budget is defeated, the first place the regional board will turn to is making re­ductions in the high school budget. “I’m hoping we’ll resolve the issues on the contracts, what I consider unimportant issues,”


  1. I just wanted to say that if all of this nonsense and these political games have been going on for such a long time and it is always in the papers and on the internet, then why hasn’t the Connecticut State Board of Education been notified about any of this? Especially after the “Pingpank” report last year. I’m just tired of witnessing all of this political nonsense and it is effecting the students, it HAS to stop. We need those few teachers who are at Housy who are very power hungry to be replaced by actual teachers and educators who truly do care about the students. That also goes for some of our Central Office administration as well. There needs to be some major changes of power in Central Office and Region One in general. We need leaders but also educators, not politicians. We want, need, and deserve to have better leaders in Region One and at Housy, and I’m not talking about Mr. Harnett or Mr. Striever either, because as I said before, they are great for Housy; I’m talking about the ones who simply don’t care about us the students, and that is not right nor fair to teachers who do care, it’s not fair to our parents, and most importantly it is not fair to us students. This is our school and we want things to change because there is too much injustice going around in that building and it has to stop.

  2. This email came in to the regiononereport.com site today….

    People of Region One you are the boss, you are in the driver’s seat and able to control something you probably have said, If I were there I’d do this or that and the salary’s certainly wouldn’t be what they are.
    People; let’s look at the real actual picture of life and struggles of every in the workforce of the common man and woman, Look at yourself and were you are and the thing your boss expect of you. In Business for yourself, well look at what the customer expects from you. Aren’t they really your boss?

    Now let’s see, how do we determine a raise for an employee? How do I raise my prices to cover overhead and stay on top of the economy?
    We are given raises by our PAST YEARS PERFORMANCE!! Have your percentages gone up? Have your customer called you back? Is you grade rating better than a year ago? Is you attitude towards your business and your customer better and more positive? Are your goals up to expectations, exceeds, or haven’t changed, or worsened with moral? Has changes showed a positive or negative curve. People WAKE THE HELL UP! That loaf of bread and gallon of gas cost use all the same and other peoples salaries are not reflecting that kind of percentage to cover their coast of living. All the commodities are the same for all of us., and the real customers of this battle, the kids, were have their percentages of grades increased. When will all the towns in region one work together , recognize the problems and solve them together for the future of every kid. And tell me people , if there were problems in a company , wouldn’t those people be transferred to different building so as not to form their own CLICK? 6 people need to be transfer and 2 people need to resign. POINT BLANK. The truth is being finally told and has been coming out these several years, the ball is rolling, day light is in sight, DON”R blow it now. One more member of the board is conflict of interest also. She is a teacher and should not be there! The two top people Principal and Vice have made positive changes….With the percentages and results for the past 4-5 years, would have gotten a raise…………Then that’s what you vote. NO!!

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