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From Radio Survivors story on Marshall Miles (some reaction to the follow up news)

3 Responses to CPB worries about two public radio Presidents

  1. Update (10/18/2013): the CPB reports that Marshall Miles has resigned from his position “pending the outcome of the November school board election in which he is a candidate.”

  2. Matthew, yes he did resign as president of Tri-State Public Communications, but it is very thin cover. He will still call the shots.

  3. Terry: I don’t see the “thin cover” here. The CPB requested that Miles quit his board post at Tri-State, and to his great credit he did so. This removes the obviously bad precedent of a public radio official running for and holding public office. I didn’t expect that he would cease exerting influence at WHDD, and maybe that’s a good thing, given that at least one of individuals who complained about him to the CPB took Donald Trump’s moronic Birther arguments seriously.

    Here is the link to the full story..
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