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  1. Were in here is the new remodeling construction that seemed to run over schedule. And compared to last year construction this last year was more extensive. Was it 100% government funded not to reflect? Was anything returned to the towns leftover? Is refunds to towns not reflected to have a 0% which would mean $491,170.00 divided by 7 is what each town would have received back??? If so then that is pretty good nailing it on the head with all the extended time in construction remolding. Any remolding due 2018-2019????????? Not to be a smart a– but for $491,170.00 Central Office could Buy their own building, to lease one for many years off campus, pay for their own electrical, up keep, part time Custodian, paper supplies, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment, lawn and snow removal. The NO complaints of Micro Management. The building and operations would be all Principals governing. Sounds like a plan to me!!!!! Isn’t that what has been wanted for how many decades? Bet ya’s the public jumps head over heels for that. Could bring much deserved peace and boost MORAL the School deserves …Don’t forget, the vibes put out from teachers, parents, staff all reflect the real atmosphere in place. Lets start somewhere, and get it done.

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