Vote NO Region One Budget 8

    Attached is the budget summary sent by Central Office and presented at the budget hearing. This is NOT a ZERO percent increase in spending. They expect to spend just under half a million dollars next year MORE than they did this year. Teachers cut, decreased enrollment, level of education declining, yet spending half a million more. VOTE NO!!


  1. Chairman Whelan likes to tout himself as a “budget wonk.” Claims crunching numbers is his specialty. Says he loves rolling up his sleeves with Sam Herrick and providing a critical evaluation of the budget.
    Critical evaluation of spending on students perhaps. But when it comes to critical analysis of his fellow travelers budget impact, a few hundred thousand here or there is easily overlooked.

  2. So…is this $491,170 from this year unspent? Cause if so, we would be spending $491,170 more than last year AND more because we have less teachers and less students? Can someone please clarify if I am looking at this incorrectly-cause I believe we will be spending invest $491,170 which in fact is a huge increase!

  3. 2017 Budget results: 488 yes, 450 no.
    Salisbury and Cornwall being the only two towns to vote yes. Kent, Sharon, North Canaan, and Falls Village with strong “no” vote results. But in the end, Salisbury’s overwhelming “yes vote” carried the entire Region’s budget.
    How does a town with over 50% of its elligable high school population attending secondary schools other than Housatonic, control an entire Regional budget?

    • you know the saying; If you have to ask on the cost of private school,,,,you can’t afford it. You think the pennies they spend in taxes is something they worry about? They will pay $70K to keep their student out of the cayuse. To me,,,,,,it is sad for all the problems, because the public teachers are way more educated than private schools. Why does everything that doesn’t make any sense,,,,work for some people???????????????

  4. The 2018-19 BOE Budget provides:
    $14,143.00 for Central Office carpeting
    $0.00 for student accessible carpeting
    Please vote, “no,” on Tuesday May 8th

  5. This central office carpeting is needed. More and more of the board’s work is being conducted in “executive session.” Central office’s conference room is the site of many of these secret sessions. As they brought in their many candidates to interview for the high school principal position, I’m sure they were embarrassed by the dingy old floor coverings. Scores of potential principals probably withdrew their interest after witnessing the unsightly carpeting. This carpet controversy is surely the work of the, “disgruntled minority.”

  6. $14,000 for new carpets!? A little ice and a dish towel could get the Chairman’s gum out of rug for a lot less.

  7. The strategic plan for school improvement for the Region #1 School District 2017-2018, formulated by Central Office, opens with, “The mission of Central Office is to provide leadership and support to administrators,teachers, board members, and the community, in order to inspire a passion for teaching and learning…”
    Central Office does indeed provide, “leadership and support,” to board members.
    It can easily be argued that administrators (4 out of 5 are not returning), teachers (would very much like to see results of Cental Office teacher survey), and the community (whose, “disgruntled minority,” has been targeted), do not believe Central Office’s “strategic,” plan has supported them.
    Three of these four, “missions,” listed as the goals of Central Office are subject to debate. This plan’s overall objective of, inspiring “a passion for teaching and learning,” is at the very least falling short.
    Much time, effort, and money has been invested in the creation of this “Strategic Plan.”
    It would appear the these best laid plans have gone astray.

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