82 percent of Housy 2016 grads enrolled in higher education Reply

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82 percent of Housy 2016 grads enrolled in higher education

The chairman of the guidance department at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, reported that 82 percent of the class of 2016 is going on to some form of further education 

Fifty-one percent attend four-year colleges and 27 percent enrolled at two-year schools

Twelve percent of the 100-member class went directly into the workforce.


Region 1 board makes no apology for ‘offensive’ video Reply

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Region 1 board makes no apology for ‘offensive’ video



FALLS VILLAGE — Region 1 Board of Education members said they don’t believe an apology is necessary for a video they made to explain the Lighthouse Project to teachers, who found the presentation “offensive.”

On the first day of the new school year for the region’s teachers in August, thevideo featured each board member taking a turn to explain the project, a joint effort between the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and the state Department of Education that seeks to explore how school boards affect student achievement.

During the video, the board members said they  were seeking help from everyone, including teachers, administrators and the community, to improve the school system.

They said they recognized there is some apathy toward students, and that some may not believe all children can learn.

Jonathan Moore (CABE Award Winner, how sick is that? !!!!), Kent’s representative on the Region 1 Board of Education, said at Monday’s meeting that he was asked by the teachers’ union — the Kent Center School Education Association — to share the letter it had written to the Kent Board of Education. That letter, which was read at Thursday’s local school board meeting, asked the Region 1 board for an apology.

The letter said the Region 1 board members stated in the video their belief that the teachers were “not committed to helping each student reach his/her full potential.

In addition, we were told that we have not made a concerted effort to recognize that all children can learn.

The tone of this presentation was quite offensive, and left us feeling concerned about the Region 1 board’s complete misunderstanding of our dedicated efforts to provide a solid and well rounded education for each of our students.”


What a joke, and a bad one at that…Local Board Member Received Recognition..see CABE’s release and what we have to say about it. Reply

Wethersfield, CT—August 2016—Local Board Member Received Recognition
Jonathan Moore, a member of the Region One Board of Education, recently achieved the level of Certified Board of Education Member in the CABE Board Member Academy for the 2015-2016 school year. Jonathan was one of 31 board of education members recognized for their achievement in participating in numerous hours of board-related professional development activities. A board member must accumulate at least 20 credits to become a Certified Board of Education Member. Areas of study are designed to strengthen leadership skills and give members a firm foundation in the essential governance skills needed to carry out their responsibilities. The areas of study are: Board Relations with the superintendent, with the community, and with each other
Policy   (This is quite a stretch! The only policy he is successful at is a policy of divide, conquer, and a deaf ear)
Curriculum (Maybe he learned how to spell the word, he knows nothing about developing one)
School Finance (Yes, spend, spend, spend, and ignore the taxpayers wishes)
School Law (God help us!!!)
Labor Relations ( Just ask the teachers in Region one about this! Also, ask Kent BOE members on his latest video!)
Board Operations (This from a board member that accepted the Chairmanship of the board illegally at an illegal meeting several years ago!!!)



Take this job….. Reply

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The Kent Board of Education will need to elect a new chairman when it meets in September because Paul Cortese has resigned. Cortese’s resignation letter said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve for the past six years.
“It is time for me to concentrate on my family and my career,” Cortese wrote. “I offer my best wishes for the board’s continued success.” Priaulx has reached out to the Republican Town Committee to request a candidate to fill out the remainder of Cortese’s term. The former chairman was just reelected in November 2015, so his term listed on the Board of Education’s web page says it runs through November 2021. The Board of Finance on July 19 commented about Cortese’s departure from the school board. Several members said they are looking forward to an improved relationship between the two boards. Finance Chairman Nancy O’Dea Wyrick said Cortese had informed her of his resignation. First Selectman Bruce K. Adams urged the board to take advantage of the change in leadership. “I think we should take the opportunity to open a new dialogue with them,” Adams said of the school board


It’s addition, not subtraction! Reply

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Housy administrators will return

Principal puts rumors to rest after job post



FALLS VILLAGE — A posting of the position for an academic administrator had rumors swirling through Region 1 that perhaps the principal or assistant principal of Housatonic Valley Regional High School was leaving.

Principal Jose Martinez denied that rumor Thursday.

“I fully plan on being here next year and am already getting ready for the opening of school in the fall,” Martinez said in a phone interview. “I have not heard Ian (Strever, the assistant principal) is leaving either, but I have heard those things through the rumor mill.”

Strever could not be reached Thursday night.

Region 1 has seen both its high school administrators leave at the same time, so when the new position was posted, several said their thoughts were brought back to August 2010, when Principal Gretchen Foster Mosca and Assistant Principal Maryann Buchanan announced three weeks before the start of school they’d be leaving for jobs in the Torrington school system.

Martinez said because there is so much to do involving the new school initiative plan, which requires evaluations, and meeting all the other demands of the school administrators, the new position is being established.

“We certainly could use some support as we work as a team to make sure the plan gets implemented properly,” said Martinez, who will be starting this third year at Housatonic on July 1. “The amount of work around it is substantial.”

Martinez said all teachers and noncertified personnel need to be evaluated, a challenging task with only two administrators. “It’s just a lot to do when you still have to run the day-to-day operations of a school,” he said.

He made it clear the new position would not be an additional administrative position for the high school.