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The All Boards Chair Committee of Region 1 will recommend to the Region 1 Board of Education the hiring of CABE consultant Mary Broderick to assist in the search for a new assistant superintendent. Broderick is familiar to the region, having conducted the search when current Assistant Superintendent Pamela Vogel was hired in 2015. Vogel will become superintendent on July 1, 2017, when Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain retires. The ABC Committee, which represents the chairmen of the region’s seven local school boards, said Broderick will conduct focus groups, place ads and perform background checks as part of the process. There is $9,800 budgeted for the service.
Canaan member Karen Riccardelli wondered about spending money for a search that was done less than two years ago. Region 1 board member Andrea L. Downs said initially she had some of those concerns, but she has changed her mind.
The committee also agreed to have its members and those of the Region 1 board serve as the search committee. Falls Village’s Rachel Gall suggested they seek to find ways to get other people’s viewpoints. Chamberlain suggested they consider a survey to get input from the community.

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The Region One All Board Chair Committee is considering how to search for Region 1’s next assistant superintendent. The group, which comprises the chairmen of the region’s seven school boards or their alternates, will work with the Region 1 Board of Education to set up the parameters of the search. Region 1 Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain is retiring at the end of June and Assistant Superintendent Pamela Vogel, who came on board in July 2015, will replace her. Chamberlain told the ABC members last week that the two boards can decide on what structure to employ for the search, which Vogel will lead. David Bayersdorfer, the Salisbury alternate, asked how a search committee is determined. Downs said the two boards have served as the committee in some cases, and there have been larger groups for other searches in the region. Moore said the higher the position, the more confidentiality becomes an issue. That’s when Falls Village alternate Patricia A. Mechare, who is also that town’s first selectman, said confidentiality should not be used as an argument to limit the number of members on the search committee. “It’s always worked out pretty well because there’s been inclusivity in the process,” Mechare said. “We’ve never had a problem with confidentiality. I think that’s sort of an excuse. Sometimes people have ideas that you don’t think about. It’s good for a different point of view.” Bayersdorfer said he favored the use of focus groups because it gives board members a chance to hear from their constituents. “We’re all elected, so obviously we have to listen to the public.”
Chamberlain said a decision on the position should be made no later than April 1