Thank Rachel Gall, for quickly responding to our request Reply

We would like to thank Rachel Gall for quickly responding to my request, please see her response below. My point of being upset at the meeting was the late notice, exclusion of a principal, and lack of taxpayers and community members to be at, and see and hear the meeting. Robin Hood Radio TV, when notified of an important meeting will always avail itself to tape and broadcast those meetings, but we have to be notified. The upcoming struggle with school enrollment in Region One MUST have the most open, transparent meetings to keep the public informed as possible. The late notification and errors like that are a terrible blow to public trust. Rachel, again, thanks for shedding some much needed “light” on the situation. See Rachel’s letter by clicking the link below

Dear Marshall Miles revision July 29 2017(2)

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree…Secret Meeting Not Disclosed By Pam Vogel Or Local Boards Reply

It has come to our attention from “impeccable”, “trusted” sources  of an last minute publicized via notice meeting on Region 1 matters  this summer! At that meeting were five-representative of the North Canaan Board Of Education and five members of the Lee H Kelloggg Board of education, and the principal of North Canaan Elementary School.  On the agenda: inital discussions on moving Falls Village Students to North Canaan Elementary School. And, in addition, the Principal of the Lee H. Kellogg School was UNAWARE of this meeting.

Now, we are no legal experts, but it seems to us, if your going to have a meeting like this, dealing with multiple schools in Region 1, that it should be legally posted with plenty of advanced notice in both towns. And the Falls Village principal should also have been notified.

We take no position on meetings regarding enrolment in Region One, we, quite frankly, are upset at the secretive nature of the meeting, the lack of adequate public notice,in both towns and the fact that it happend, had to approved with the knowledge of the new Region One superintendent.

We now ask, no, we demand a full report on this meeting from Pam Vogel, and a full report from any other employees of Region 1, or North Canaan Elementary School, or the Falls Village Board Of Education.

With the fate of our region in jeopardy due to declining enrolment, this is NO WAY TO GAIN THE TRUST of residents, teachers, students, and taxpayers at such a crucial time.

The Region has just gone thru eight years of secrets, hidden agenda’s, and lack of transparency from the administration, A.B.C Committee, and Region One Board Of Education.

We are going to check with FOI to see if any rules were broken. If not, it still was a terrible decision to hold a meeting like this and keep it from the taxpayers that pay your salary.