FALLS VILLAGE — The Region 1 Board of Education will not be offering an early retirement package to faculty members this year Reply



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After a recent meeting, board members approved a statement that said while they appreciate the staff, they gave serious consideration to such a proposal.

“But with a large building project in front of us, we feel all money spent should directly benefit our students at this time,” the board stated.

The board has approved a request from the school’s standing building committee to seek requests for proposals for architectural services for the project, which is expected to have a net cost of $4,292,512.

The project calls for new science labs, renovations of the boys and girls locker rooms, creation of a visitors’ locker room at the back of the current gym and updating the fitness center.

*Editors note

In the past three years the Region One Board and A.B.C. have spent nearly $800,000.00 on contract buy-outs Central Office staff, the early retirement (buyout) package for a former Assistant superintendent, two teachers in Cornwall, and $50,000.00 in a decision against the Kent Board of Education is a case they lost on residency. Let us see what our Superintendent gets when she retires….

Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain…our local boards of education DO report to local boards of finance, and do have a responsibility to the taxpayers…. 2

Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain comment to the Kent Board Of Education on local boards of education power in a story in this mornings Republican-American….

“You report to the state Board of Education,” she
said, stressing that while the boards need to work together,
the education board does not report to the Board of Finance.

Our superintendent forgets that the local school board does indeed “report” to boards of finance. They request money, and the board of finance either approves the request or not. The local boards of finance have no authority on HOW the money is spent after they approve the request, but the local boards of finance do have the legal authority to represent taxpayers and inform local school boards the amount of money much they will be allotted in their budgeting.

The A.B.C. Push For Power Has Set A Bad Example:Kent Board Now Non Cooperative With Board Of Selectmen 1

From the Republican-American
Full story available at http://rep-am.com

Boards continue to squabble

KENT — The Board of Education chairman does not
believe that his board has to make a capital “request” to
the Board of Selectmen with regards to the five-year capital
plan, another example of the ongoing friction between
the boards. The selectmen held their first meeting Monday on the
new capital plan that will cover the fiscal years from 2016-
17 through 2021-22. Traditionally, the selectmen ask all
capital requests be submitted in December so that the
board can review the document and then approve it before
it goes to the Board of Finance. In recent years, the selectmen
and the Board of Finance presented the five-year
and 10-year capital plans to residents for discussion only
at the annual town meeting in January. The capital plan is
voted on with the budget at the budget town meeting in
May. Board of Education Chairman Paul Cortese was asked
Monday why his board had not voted on the capital requests
before the information being presented to the Board of Selectmen and the Board
of Finance. “There were no requests made regarding the capital
plan,” Cortese wrote in an email Thursday. “The Board of Selectmen does not approve Board of Education capital so it is not a request.”
The school’s capital information was presented to the
finance board and the Board of Selectmen by John Mauer,
who is not a member of the Board of Education but said
that Cortese had asked him as a member of the school’s
Building Committee to attend the meetings