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During my campaign for Salisbury Representative for the Region One Board almost two years ago an idea I floated was due to declining student population at H.V.R.H.S. that 7 and 8th grade students be moved to the Housatonic  campus. I stated that it would help fill the high school that was half empty, and, more importantly get students used to the campus, and interacting with students with other towns, thus increasing the chance that they would like to stay where they are comfortable…REGION ONE. Well, it looks like Delores and I agree! Life is always not black and white, that is what makes it interesting….

Region 1 to query about system’s structure



FALLS VILLAGE — The Region 1 All Board Chairmen Committee plans to poll residents of the district’s six towns on whether the structure of the school system should be changed.

The committee, which comprises the chairmen of the school boards in Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Kent, Salisbury and Sharon, agreed last week to seek residents’ views on declining enrollment and increased costs. Region 1’s structure is unique; it is made up of six local K-8 elementary schools, each with its own board of education, and a regional board for central administration and Housatonic Valley Regional High School.

Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain said the Region 1 board raised the topic to seek greater efficiencies and consider different structures. She said it would be a long process because any alterations would require legislative action.

Chamberlain said the boards must first determine what they want to accomplish, and that the goals would probably include more than saving money. Among the options are the creation of a middle school and the consolidation of some schools.

Dolores Perotti of Canaan said her board has discussed the matter and some think that moving seventh-and eighth-graders to the high school may help retain students when they reach high school age. The region is challenged by a large number of students who attend private high schools.

But Jennifer Weigel of Salisbury, representing the Region 1 board, questioned whether it would be wise to have younger children taking longer bus rides. “The other issue is that eighth-graders serve as mature role models at the elementary schools,” she said.

Ricky Don’t Lose That Number……… 1

We guess Region 1 has cut off. Robin Hood Radio from delivering immediate, important information to area residents. Again this morning no notification of an early dismissal ..third time in 7 storms. It was called into Channel 3, Channel 30, Channel 8….but locally, no. It follows with the fact that they would not utilize us when there was an emergency at the high school. Grant thinking Region 1, don’t notify your ONLY LOCAL SOURCE of instantaneous news. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I just received a call at 9:00 AM from Sam Herrick. informing me of the early dismissal…. Channel 3, 30, 8 all received calls around 7:40 AM…..Sorry, no excuse works here..if you make three calls, it just takes a second to make that 4th call.

Slight decreases hit home…. Reply

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Most in Litchfield Country see graduation rates increase


A majority of Litchfield County high schools saw their four-year graduation rates increase, mirroring gains made across the state.

Statewide, 87 percent of the class of 2014 graduated in the expected four-year time frame, according to data released by the state Wednesday. That’s up 1.5 percent year-over-year and 5.2 percent from 2010. Officials were particularly pleased with year-over-year gains for some demographics that have struggled with school performance. The four-year rate for Hispanic students is up 3.8 points to 74 percent. The rate for black students is up 2.9 points to 78.6 percent. Students eligible for free lunch saw their rate climb 4.5 points to 73.1 percent. Those eligible for reduced- cost lunch rose 3.7 points to 87.8 percent.

In Litchfield County, the high school four-year graduation percentage rates were all in 80s and 90s. involved schools that are typically in the 90s. Oliver Wolcott Technical High School in Torrington, Litchfield, Wamogo, and Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village all saw slight decreases.

Letter to High School, Board and Administration 4

Marshall Miles <mmiles@robinhoodradio.com>

7:52 AM (1 minute ago)

to jmartinez
Dr. Martinez:

To say I am disappointed in the response of the High School Friday thru yesterday is an understatement. Yes social media nd the internet is a fine way to reach people…except the people at work where personal internet use might be prohibited…or people in their cars, or people who do not have smart phones or even internet service. That is why WHDD (Robin Hood Radio) are here for instantaneous release of information not only on the internet, but on WHDD AM/FM, and WBSL FM locally here in our Tri-State Region. Not once were we contacted by anyone from the high school. or administration….not once. We were contacted by parents (about 20 calls). We contacted the state police and got information on-air by 11 AM (we waited to go on-air until conformation from police). We are an asset that should be utilized for situations like this. I am disappointed that we are not included in the emergency plan. That is a big mistake.

You can reach me via email or 860-364-4640
Marshall Miles
Tri-State Public Communications

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Reply

Here is a direct quote from Claude Rolo:

During a joint meeting this week, Salisbury board Chairman Claude Rolo talked about the difficulty of the region getting things done. He said the environment is such that it’s not conducive to significant changes in the district. “I question the logic of spending resources on attorneys, litigation, threats — we can’t get off the dime in that kind of environment,” Rolo said.

Where was Mr. Rolo’s concern about litigation caused by questionable actions of the Region One administration in the the past two years?

The suit against the Superintendent that the board settled for around $200,000.00. (click on link below for suit)

Click to access 5.7.13%20Paige%20v.%20Chamberlain%20summons%20and%20complaint.pdf

The  suit the assistant superintendent brought against Gale Toensing settled with another buy-out (retirement they call it!) around $200,000.00.

Where is Mr. Rolo’s outrage of the non educational money the administrations screw ups has cost this district in the past two years?

That is $400,000.00 dollars taken from the taxpayers of this district to defend questionable actions by the top two administrators in the district, not spent on education..not a dime.

Now he complains?

Now understand, I agree that a NEW agreement should be negotiated and signed by the Region One Board and The ABC Committee (yes committee as they have no spending authority). But, as I have stated before, one of the benchmark decisions in the formation of Region One was that every taxpayer would pay the same amount per student. If this foolish “1/7th” rule is finalized, that will not be the case…and that is just plain wrong, and is contrary to the original guidelines that set up Region One.

The A.B.C. committee and Region One board with the “1/7″ rule have opened ” Pandora’s box” (For those of you unaware….the phrase “to open Pandora’s box” means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching consequences.), and the possible resulting reactions to Mr. Rolo’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy are now just about a certainty.

Considering the money the ABC and Region One board have thrown away on buy-outs,not education in the last two years..the taxpayers in Region One can relate to an old saying….”Pay me now, or you can pay me later”.