Just got back from the Region One Board of Education Meeting…..and boy do I feel honored, for the first time in memory, the superintendent got to rebut a comment made by me during “public comment”! WOW! 2

Wow, I feel honored! During the “public” comment section tonight, the Region One superintendent got up and spoke to rebut comments that I made about pay in the area, the comments were not even addressed to her, they were made to the board! The Region One Chair, Phil Hart allowed it, but, I am not really sure if it was appropriate! The superintendent has her own time to give a report..she is NOT part of “public” comment…she is NOT the “public”, she is the superintendent! Oh well…they just don’t get it…tearing up three-year contracts every year and writing new ones is just plain WRONG. Period.


  1. You can also request the actual value of the annuity they are giving her. That would also shed light on her total package!!

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