To North Canaan voters who will vote on the Region One Budget, look at this story, and then look at the tearing up of three year contracts and the re-writing of new contacts for administrators every year… Reply

From this mornings Republican-American


CANAAN — An increase of $326,707 in the Board of Education budget is the result of the town’s higher enrollment at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. The six towns in the region share the costs of the high school, pupil services department and the central office based on the number of students they send to the school.

Costs at the local level show a slight reduction. Accounting for some of the decreases are the elimination of one teacher assistant position, reduction in workman’s compensation and the elimination of a special insurance assessment that has been in place for the past few years and reductions in several areas of purchased services, such as the cost of water, which is going from $4,804 to $3,369.

The new figure is based on actual usage plus 10 percent and reflects the conversion of the heating system from steam to hot water as well as new refrigeration. Electricity also shows a lower number, from $74,866 to $66,338, which is again based on actual usage.


The opinion…

VOTE NO on the budget, this is the only way to tell the Region One  Board Of Education to keep the administrations contracts as they are….let three year contracts be three year contracts!

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