1. Phil said during his comments, “You people have some very legitimate concerns about the high school.” In fact, no one expressed concerns about the high school. Almost all of the concerns, including mine, centered on the actions of the Region 1 Board of Education and the administration. Personally, I’m actually pretty happy about the new high school principal and assistant principal and hopeful that they’ll be the dynamic duo that inspires our students to strive for excellence. And I think they will not be vulnerable to being treated the way Gretchen Foster (primarily) and Marianne Buchanan were treated. As I said in the meeting, a large number of people, including myself, know what happened Gretchen. And mentioning it is not about looking back – we can’t go back – but rather it’s about having strong situational awareness and making sure it doesn’t happen again to anyone in our Housy community.
    –Gale Courey Toensing

  2. What happened to Dr. Foster and Dr. Buchanan won’t happen to Mr. Harnett and Mr. Striever, they are very strong, brilliant people who are great for Housy. They connect with the students and they have the interest of the students at heart, not the politics. I will say however, that what did happen to Dr. Foster and Dr. Buchanan is still happening to teachers within the building and even to students. This needs to stop. I am a concerned student at Housy and the politics need to stop. This is an educational system for the STUDENTS, not for power hungry “teachers” who only care about themselves and their so called authority. Trust me, the students have noticed what actually goes on within the Housy walls and we are tired of it. Its such a shame that just those few faculty members within the building have given our school such a negative reputation. I do not represent any particular group or organization, I am just a concerned student who thinks that thsese political games within Housy and Region One need to stop.

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