Pat Mechare Letter To The Editor Lakeville Journal 3

Let’s look at what this year’s HVRHS graduates may have taken away as examples of adult leadership from the Regional School District #1 Board of Education and the Regional Schools Services Center (RSSC-Central Office) administrators. Here’s how I see it:

That you can, apparently, deliberately ignore written, approved and in force
procedures and policies and do whatever you want with no
accountability or accepted standards. An example would be the lack of proper monitoring and review by the Board regarding expenditures at the high school and central office.Another would be failing to address the appropriate annual goals and objectives for the superintendent to pass on for consideration to the All Boards Committee of Regional School District # 1.

That you can, apparently, ignore parliamentary law and state statutes thereby
stripping a board member’s right and those of the citizens he/she
represents sabotaging self-governance. For instance, the representative of one town whose member acts as the chairman, can without the knowledge or consent of the rest of the Board decide what will be referred to the Board’s attorney, who will be “allowed” access to the information/opinion and spend, apparently unchecked,taxpayer dollars for any issue he sees fit.

That, apparently, it’s perfectly all right to be intolerant of board members and openly lack common courtesy to the expression of ideas and opinion which may differ from you own.Note the actions of Board members, particularly in February/March. Isn’t that called bullying?

That apparently, it’s acceptable, after a graduating senior raises concerns to a local school board regarding bullying,for the Superintendent of Schools to appear to dismiss the student’s experience by saying in response to that concern: “Not all incidents are bullying, some are bad behavior”.

That regardless of plenty of evidence to the contrary, it’s seems acceptable to pretend that there are no concerns to be addressed thereby evading your responsibility and ignoring the school and Board’s mission, while obvious problems fester and grow. Inaction by the Board on what has become known as “The Pinkpank Report” is an example.

That, apparently, certain employees and/or board members are not held to the same standard as the rest and are excused from being accountable for their actions. Note the “Aeron Watson”/FCC incidents.

That apparently, the Board is inclined to dismiss contradictory evidence
and apparent irregularities in procedure in a statutorily required non-renewal
hearing and render a decision in what seemed to be planned support for the


Fortunately, a majority of what our students internalize lies within the confines of the classroom. If the words of the 2012 valedictorian, salutatorian and class president are examples of the depth of good teaching, learning and life-skills taught then there arepositive adult role models and routine examples of integrity and civic duty in our students’ school life. The Board and RSSC administratorsneed to follow that lead and act like responsible adults.

Patricia Allyn Mechare








  1. As someone who just graduated from Housy last month, and as someone who has payed attention to all the political bull that happens within that school and this district, I can certainly say that the Region One Board of Education has set a HORRIBLE example for the students and that certain teachers (especially a select few department heads) at Housy have also set a HORRIBLE example for the students. Don’t get me wrong, Housy’s administration (meaning Mr. Harnett and Mr. Striever) are great for Housy…however, certain Housy faculty members should not even be allowed to work in a school because of the constant bullying towards their fellow faculty members and even worse, their bullying towards thier own students. One of my former teachers at Housy once told me that if I had a problem with something or someone at Housy that I should bring the complaint or address the issue to the principal, if I didn’t like what the principal had to say then go to the superintendent, and if I didn’t like what the superintendent had to say then go to the BOE. I agree with that statement, I think that it is appropriate to follow the chain of command, but what if I don’t agree with what the BOE has to say? The BOE is supposed to be a NEUTRAL group. They are NOT supposed to tolerate political nonsense that happens in this district and they certainly SHOULD NOT be participating in the political drama..which is EXACTLY what our regional BOE has been doing. What are the residents of Region 1 supposed to do when the BOE won’t do what is right? The Region One BOE, central office, and even some teachers (especially those select few Housy department heads) have forgotten that what is best for the students should be their PRIMARY focus….NOT political games all because certain people seem to be on a power trip.
    – Josh Prause

    • Joshua,

      Mr. Harnett is no better than either of the top two. He’s just a puppet of theirs and will do as they ask every time. Rumor has it that he needs his job and that he will do anything (immoral or illegal) to keep it.

      • I would have to disagree with that, only because I have personally seen things that would contradict your statement. No one is perfect but I strongly believe that he is great for Housy. Although I do not agree with everything that he’s said or done I do agree with his principles and I believe that Housy is in good hands with Mr. Harnett as principal. It’s those few department heads at Housy (we all know who they are) who are the puppets of the top two. I know for a fact that they will and have done things illegal and immoral for the top administration of the region.

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