ANOTHER Principal in Region One Opts OUT Just Before The Start Of The New School Year 12

From the Republican-American this morning…

SALISBURY — Christopher Butwill, principal of Salisbury Central School, will leave to take a position in the Cromwell school system.

In a letter of resignation to Region 1 Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain, Butwill, who has been principal in Sal­isbury for five years, said he is leaving with mixed emotions.

He said while he has enjoyed his tenure, this new position “will allow me to work closer to my home and be more available to my family and community … I appreciate the knowledge and sup­port that has been consistently provid­ed. My time working in Salisbury has been an outstanding experience that I will draw from throughout my career.” Butwill, who lives in Burlington, was appointed by the Cromwell Board of Education on Aug. 1 to lead Woodside Intermediate School, a 500-student school for grades three through five.

His resignation becomes effective Aug. 24, and Chamberlain said his date of departure will be worked out

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  1. What is this telling people and tax payers in Region 1. There is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. Starting with the top 2 who will run this Region to the ground. They think they are untouchable but it will all come crashing down. The BOE needs to run the meetings like a BOE should and listen to all suggestions and not shoot down the 2 BOE members that they don’t like. LETS WAKE UP HERE. There is a lot that people want to say but the Bulling would continue and make it hard for the people to work at Region 1.

  2. really a streach to blame anyone for this one . people use this region for a steping stone to further their resume and gain experiance our loss someone elses gain good or bad

  3. One of the teachers that is in the Pingpank report, is the Inter Principal @ Sailsbury Centeral. Good Luck Tax payers.

    • Salisbury Central is incredibly lucky to have found such a strong Interim Principal. Perhaps you should reread the report, or check your facts.

      • You are way off base, I have never questioned the pick of the interim principal, NEVER. I think she is a good pick for the next year. What other people post on this site does NOT have to be my opinion. My concern is that when such massive turnover is happening…not everything in the region is as rosey as some would think. If you deny that the region is in flux, then YOU should check the facts, not me.

      • The previous comment was in response to: “One of the teachers that is in the Pingpank report, is the Inter Principal @ Sailsbury Centeral. Good Luck Tax payers,” not to the initial post regiononereporter. It seems a miscommunicaton occurred.

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