Here is the transcript provided to The Region One Report on a special board meeting on August 8 4

Here is the transcript provided to The Region One Report on a special board meeting on August 8 . It appears that the superintendent and a couple of board members had a plan to “send a message” to Lucille Page, but it had a MUCH different outcome than the “Axis Of Three”  had planned!

Transcript of Region 1 Board of Ed Special meeting August 8, 2012

RE: Lucille Paige’s contract extension

(The superintendent had intended this part of the meeting to be held in executive session, but when she conceded under questioning that she had not directly told Lucille that she, Lucille, had the option of having the meeting in public, the superintendent suggested that the meeting be held in public instead of executive session. **No members of the public were present).

Superintendent Chamberlain: As I indicated earlier, we did complete the evaluation. I reviewed that document with Lucille today. As per our previous conversation, once we were complete with that process Lucille and I are continuing to work on our improvement plan and our goals. We have a plan in place for next year that’s going to be a continuation of what we actually started this year to be finalized we hope at the end of next year. I am recommending a contract extension for Lucille with the following changes.
Marilyn(Yerks): Is this last year’s (contract)?
Chamberlain: This is her…(current?)…contract so you can understand the changes. If you go to page two there is a change in the insurance benefits. We are keeping this consistent with the non-certified contract and I believe the non certified contract is increasing at a 1 percent rate so the 7.5 percent to 1 percent up would be 8.5 percent. And the contribution that the board is making to the HAS in the non certified contract is decreasing – its going from 75 percent to 70 percent next year. Umm, the installments will be paid as they’re being paid to all employees. There’s no change in the travel expense. There’s no change in the pension. There’s no change in the evaluation. I’m going to recommend that we extend this contract for one year so there’s no change on the termination of the agreement clause, there’s no change on the general provisions. For salary, because there’s a change in health insurance, etcetera, etcetera, I would ask the board to consider a one-and-a-half percent increase on salary.
Courey Toensing: What did the non certs get?
Chamberlain: They received 1.9 percent
Courey Toensing: Why are you not recommending 1.9?
Chamberlain: I felt to recommend the full extent, the 1.9, would, would not honor the work that we’re working on with this improvement plan that’s in place that I’d like to see more improvement for the full amount to be achieved.
Courey Toensing: Hmm
Chamberlain: The one-and-a-half/ if we don’t do some increase at this point I think that the insurance changes would actually be a set back. So I think it’s important to acknowledge that we’re achieving some savings on the health insurance side.
(Phil(Hart) or Jonathan(Moore)); Good.
Phil: We can get into discussion now or we can continue discussion as part of a motion. I would accept a motion to extend Lucille’s contract for one year.
Courey Toensing: I’ll make a motion to extend her contract for one year with a 1.9 percent increase.
Marilyn: I second,
Phil: Now, are there any further discussions? Heaing none, I’ll call the motion, All in favor?
(Courey Toensing, Marilyn and Phil raise their hands for “aye.”)
Phil: Opposed?
(Freund and Moore raise their hands for “nay.”)
Phil: Any abstentions?
Chamberlain: I think it might have passed. Let’s see that again.
Phil: Okay. All in favor? We got Canaan, Cornwall and Sharon.
Scooter: I’m going to vote yay.
Phil: Okay. And Salisbury.
Chamberlain: It passes. So… 1.9 …Thank you.
Phil: Now, there being no other business I think I’ll ask for a motion to adjourn.



  1. Sorry, I forgot to sign the transcript. I recorded the meeting and I transcribed this part of it.
    ~~ Gale Courey Toensing

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