1. I find it quite sad that the Superintendent and especially the Assistant Superintendent don’t have the common decency to even listen or acknowledge the young woman (student) while she speaks of all the great happenings at Housy! They don’t even look up! How pathetic, but such a true show of their emotions….they should be beaming, they should be proud, they should be LISTENING AND PAYING ATTENTION! The only one I can see proud and even smiling is Gale. Argh! Now this picture says more than a thousand words – if describes the admin to a T.

  2. The idea of a Consent Agenda is not in itself a bad idea. How it is used however can make it bad. We had one each month as part of the overall agenda for State Board of Education meetings. It contained only items that were routine and generally needed no discussion. Any board member could remove an item from “Consent” merely by naming it when I asked “Does anyone want anything removed from Consent”. I don’t think that administrator’s reports fall to the category of routine and not needing discussion, particularly so given recent conduct by administrators in Region One. By all means use a Consent Agenda to speed up meetings but choose wisely what goes on that portion of the agenda.

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