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  1. During the presidency of James Earl Carter, the Cabinet Level Department of Education was created as a payoff to the unions for their ongoing support of the “progressive” agenda. At the time, the US education system was the envy of the world. We ranked at the top of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEM.We were assured that this would make us the envy of the world. 40 years later, untold millions spent, we are in Race to the Bottom, with EVERY Child Left Behind.

    With each failure, were assured that “Mo money” would solve the problem. It has been posted on this site that Region 1 spends in excess of $23k per student. For that money, we should be able to strike a deal with Hotchkiss, Salisbury, Kent School, South Kent School, Berkshire School and Millbrook School. No room & board included. Perhaps Region 1 could be a trailblazer in Vouchers!

    Despite the increasing use of technology, and its ready availability to students, performance declines. Since my first child entered school in 1985, I have seen a decline in the notices sent from school We have people with “advanced” degrees, that are the punchline to the joke,”What do BS, MS & PhD. have in common?” Grammar? Syntax? Proper spelling? All declining with each missive from school and the people entrusted to educate our children. So,, why should we be surprised? The teachers of today were in the first classes of the “New Math,” “Chicago Math,” and God knows what other failed experiments, as well as “improvements” in reading and writing instruction. English is truly becoming a second language.

    Now, we are told that “Common Core,” along with “Mo money” will solve our problems. I call BS

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