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  1. Regarding “Common Core.” This is the “progressive” response to “No Child Left Behind” it is also known as the Race to the Top. The Dept of Educaion offered states a “deal.” Adopt Common Core, at a lower cost, and you can ignore NCLB. States jumped at the chance to “save money.” Like obamacare, another lie.

    The issue to be dealt with requires the repeal of CC and NCLB, for starters. Next is to eliminate the Department of Education and return education to the State and Local level. Prior to the election of Jimmy Carter, this is the way it was done. However, as payment for their loyal union support over the years to all things “progressive,” Carter created the Cabinet Level Department of Education. When this payoff occurred, the USA was a leader in education; our STEM courses were the envy of the world. Now, we are engaged in a Race to the Bottom; we continue to occupy a lower standing in the world concerning education.

    The decisions were made by politicians and well meaning people that were sold a pig in a poke. Now, this mess has to be cleaned up.

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