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Students thank veterans during ceremony



SALISBURY — Salisbury Central School students paid tribute to local veterans Monday not only through music and words, but looks of gratitude as well.

As each veteran rose to tell his or her name, branch and years of service, the youngsters and audience members applauded loudly and smiled with awe. Veterans from World War II to current conflicts all stood proud to have served their country.

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I have been calling for this for Region One for almost two years…..

From today’s Republican-American:

Declining enrollment focus of Region 6 event



GOSHEN — Residents and town officials in Region 6 had their first chance Monday to comment on the district Board of Education’s long-term planning effort to address a declining student population.

A crowd of about 50 turned out at Goshen Center School for the first of three public informational meetings on an issue that first surfaced with a demographic study showing a steep drop in student population between 2013 and 2023.

School board Chairman Christopher Sanders of Goshen and Superintendent of Schools Edward Drapp spoke for more than an hour on the plummeting enrollment and potential ways of addressing it. Then the floor was opened to comments.