Letter to High School, Board and Administration 4

Marshall Miles <mmiles@robinhoodradio.com>

7:52 AM (1 minute ago)

to jmartinez
Dr. Martinez:

To say I am disappointed in the response of the High School Friday thru yesterday is an understatement. Yes social media nd the internet is a fine way to reach people…except the people at work where personal internet use might be prohibited…or people in their cars, or people who do not have smart phones or even internet service. That is why WHDD (Robin Hood Radio) are here for instantaneous release of information not only on the internet, but on WHDD AM/FM, and WBSL FM locally here in our Tri-State Region. Not once were we contacted by anyone from the high school. or administration….not once. We were contacted by parents (about 20 calls). We contacted the state police and got information on-air by 11 AM (we waited to go on-air until conformation from police). We are an asset that should be utilized for situations like this. I am disappointed that we are not included in the emergency plan. That is a big mistake.

You can reach me via email or 860-364-4640
Marshall Miles
Tri-State Public Communications


  1. Well said, Marshall. Sadly, the superintendent is not alone in his failure to recognize the importance of the ONLY LOCAL Radio Station. The Lakeville Journal, although published weekly does use its social media to provide important information, but you cited the problem with relying solely on social media. Keep hammering!

  2. Sadly, Dr. Martinez is not the only person to not utilize WHDD to publicize events, even those of a mundane nature. This event emphasizes how valuable a LOCAL, LIVE radio presence is in the age of social media. Hopefully, WHDD is now on the “to do” list of notifications for Region 1.

  3. if you were looking at the journals facebook page all day that’s fine but as marshall said that for most people is not an option . bye the way the superintendent is a her and she should be replaced

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