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From this mornings Poughkeepsie Journal…..

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ALBANY Total education spending in New York topped $60 billion during the 2013-14 school year, averaging out to $21,812 for each of the state’s nearly 3 million students, according to a report released Monday.

The analysis from the New York State Association of School Business Officials showed the state’s 679 local school districts took on the brunt of the cost, spending about $32.7 billion, which comes out to $11,888 per pupil or 54.5 percent of the total. The vast majority of the local share — about 90 percent — is covered by property taxpayers, according to the report.

The state’s share was about 41.4 percent — $24.9 billion total or $9,026 per pupil — while the federal government accounted for the rest. Overall, spending during the 2013-14 year was up about 3 percent from the previous year’s total of $58 billion. And while the state’s share has increased each year since 2010-11, it still lags behind what it was prior to the most-recent economic recession, leaving local districts to pick up the difference, the report found.

“The state share of education funding is still below pre-recession levels despite recent increases in school aid demonstrating a need for further state investment,” Michael Borges, the association’s executive director, said in a statement.

New York spends well above the nationwide per-pupil average, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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