No leadership or correct advice from Region 1 Administration, A.B.C., Region 1 Board or the past NCES local board 3


Is ANYONE in Region 1 looking out for the taxpayer..or just looking out for the administration? See the answer in the story below.

From this mornings Republican-American

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Because of declining enrollment, the North
Canaan Board of Education appropriated less for its
share of the budget at Housatonic Valley Regional
High School in Falls Village, but that has resulted in it not
meeting its state-mandated minimum budget expenditure
requirement. Region 1 Superintendent
Patricia Chamberlain told board members at a recent
meeting that Canaan’s enrollment dropped at the high
school last year, and therefore the amount appropriated
was $134,781 less than the previous year. That figure
was too low, however, for state law. The state penalizes
districts that do not meet those requirements.
Chamberlain said that due to declining enrollment, there
is an understanding that budgets may be lower, “but
not that much.” The state has said it could take away about $45,000 from
the town’s Educational Cost Sharing grant.


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