FALLS VILLAGE — The Region 1 Board of Education will not be offering an early retirement package to faculty members this year Reply



See video on CATV 6 Vimeo page :

full story is also in the Republican American:
After a recent meeting, board members approved a statement that said while they appreciate the staff, they gave serious consideration to such a proposal.

“But with a large building project in front of us, we feel all money spent should directly benefit our students at this time,” the board stated.

The board has approved a request from the school’s standing building committee to seek requests for proposals for architectural services for the project, which is expected to have a net cost of $4,292,512.

The project calls for new science labs, renovations of the boys and girls locker rooms, creation of a visitors’ locker room at the back of the current gym and updating the fitness center.

*Editors note

In the past three years the Region One Board and A.B.C. have spent nearly $800,000.00 on contract buy-outs Central Office staff, the early retirement (buyout) package for a former Assistant superintendent, two teachers in Cornwall, and $50,000.00 in a decision against the Kent Board of Education is a case they lost on residency. Let us see what our Superintendent gets when she retires….

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