With public questions arising about Assistant Superintendent Pam Vogel’s role and handling of the scheduling conflicts at H.V.R.H.S., it’s teachers and lack of transparancy with the public, we found this information particularly pertinent to the current administrative situation in Region One, and as we have been asked to inform the public of this ongoing process by the HVRFA, we are making this serious complaint public: Reply

On Wednesday evening, we received this email and attachments from the Housatonic Valley regional Faculty Association:

This evening the HVRFA met with the Region 1 BOE to present a Level 3 Grievance.  The grievance was filed on behalf of a teacher identified as Jane/John Doe, and based on the sensitive nature of the contents of this grievance, the teacher’s name and a course name that might be attached to that teacher was redacted.

 The grievance was based on a witness hearing Pam Vogel tell the scheduling consultant that “[Teacher’s name] is going to flip out if [course name] does not run. She/he has emotional issues, in fact she/he has had a leave for it before.”
The Association finds it important to share the materials that we presented in public session, and I am attaching them, on behalf of the HVRFA, here.  They include our initial statement of the grievance, the Superintendent’s Level 2 response and Association response, and an impact statement from the aggrieved.
We have learned that the BOE denied the Level 3 Grievance tonight from some members of the public who were on hand at the meeting before and after the executive session. So now it appears that it is up to the HVRFA to decide wether to take it to the next step..which would probably involve serious legal fees for the HVRFA and Region One.

Please see attachments provided to us.

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