YES:488 — NO:450 The Story Behind The Numbers Reply

488-450 The Region One Budget passes by 38 votes.

Here is the story behind the numbers.

It’s never a good thing when the public is pushed into voting NO on a budget to prove a point. Well, I dare say, that this year,at least the budget did not have to be defeated to prove that point.

And that point is….the new administration,before taking full control, has lost the support of darn near 50% of taxpayers, an ominous sign.

This was NEVER a vote on the budget. It was a no-confidence vote on the incoming administration and Region One Board Of Education. Before they even take full control of Region One, the incoming Vogel-Carter administration has lost the confidence of almost half of the voters in Region One.

A 48% disapproval rating! It is clear there will be no honeymoon.

And board members in Sharon, Falls Village, North Canaan and Kent have spoken…they do not like the way their representatives are acting in their behalf.Thats 4 of the six towns.

That is a disapproval rating of about 66% of the Region One Board.

The bar has now been set, and it is a high one for the new incoming administration and the Region One Board.

Enough is enough. Open up the process, include teachers, and keep the public better informed.Respond to taxpayers directly, and show concern and transparency when dealing with us all.

We deserve better from you.

This vote is not the end, to be honest, it is just the beginning.

We dare say Kent will now revisit the practice of “appointing” a Region One BOE member instead of “electing”.

We dare say voters in Sharon, Falls Village and North Canaan will expect better of their next board members.

And we dare say the Vogel-Carter administration is off to a very rocky start…months before they take their new positions.

The lessons learned from the people who fought for teachers, students and taxpayers will not be a matter of fact,they have only just begun.

We, the public,are now not only watching…but are involved.

And so far..we do not like what we see. We hope to see a change in attitude.


Region One Budget Vote Results

Salisbury 196 YES 60 NO

Sharon 68 YES 92 NO

Falls Village 33 YES 51 NO

North Canaan 60 YES 94 NO

Kent 50 YES 106 NO

Cornwall 81 YES 47 NO

TOTAL YES 488 NO 450

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