H.V.R.H.S….This Is Disgusting, embarrassing…demand answers 5

Please re post

Subject: Winter Eligibility
Reply-To: Anne MacNeil <amacneil@hvrhs.org>

Just a reminder, Quarter 2 will end this Friday, Jan 26. When report cards are distributed on Feb 13, many (over 50%) of the current winter student athletes will not be eligible based on the new grading policy. This will cause forfeits of games and ultimately seasons for many of our teams. Please speak with your student athlete. Please contact their teachers and ask what’s going. Please help keep our students playing. Thank you for your support.

This is OUR high school….this is MY high school….this is DISGUSTING, this is UNACCEPTABLE. Contact our board, contact the administration. What the hell is going on in our beloved Housatonic. Our superintendent has a lot of explaining to do. It is time, if this email is true to make big changes.Shat was once a GOLD standard is now SUB standard. DEMAND ACTION.