Region One School Officials Misread The Public Mood 2

A letter to the editor
Region 1 school officials misread the public mood
We respectfully take exception to the April 15 letter “Disgruntled parents in Region 1 getting too much attention,” by schools Superintendent Pam Vogel and Board of Education Chairman Bob Whelan. All of us attended the public meeting they referenced, not only because Housatonic Valley Regional High School is in our town, but also because of our shared long-term commitment to education.
To say the Republican-American gives too much attention to the views of “a small group of disgruntled parents” is a condescending and dismissive comment. We believe it is unwarranted and does not carry the imprimatur of the board as a whole, the teachers and the students. Raising issues that are not in agreement with Dr. Vogel and Mr. Whelan deserves more than derisive commentary; it is a plea for dialogue, of which there obviously has not been enough.
Change is not, in itself, a bad thing, but change requires the imperative for making sure it is understood by every group affected by it; and that it is implemented in a cohesive, effective manner. Neither seems to have been done in this instance.
The comments made by a teacher in another district with children in ours were much more ambivalent and nuanced than depicted by Dr. Vogel and Mr. Whelan. It was not a glowing endorsement. The teacher emphasized that phasing in such a change takes time and education of all the groups with a stake in the change, i.e. parents, teachers and students, as well as the administrators and the board.
We think killing the messengers and dismissing them as complainers is a discredit to the Region 1 school board and administration. Wise leadership comes through the building of consensus, not name-calling.
Henry Todd, first selectman
Greg Marlowe, selectman
Dave Barger, selectman
Falls Village


  1. I’m setting here reading I believe is the right to Congregate, and freedom of speech. If students are taught to have the right to speak their minds because their fore Fathers granted them right and for all. That is the way it is. I heard much out rage being broadcast thru media that is just nonsense in my opinion. Everything in this world is interrupted by many in many different ways. In one of my letters I stated that if a very small group of people are dissatisfied at a procedure and it is explained again at a work place, management will just ignore it till the complainers stop, or move on. Communications is apart that may just be lacking and request of NUMBERS on fails and passes still has not been disclosed. Both sides need to put there comments in order with FACT. IF the process is working with positive numbers then SO BE IT. We,just have to adjust. That doesn’t stop people from congregating or talking. It probably will be to no advancement. Teachers I have talked to that have been subject to this new way, say it takes bare minimum of ONE (1) year training. I guess what you can say now is,,,you had one (1) year on the job training. The Budget??????????????????????????????? Now that is something to question into ; What can we do for the Students to have the best & the most available to them to succeed. What will get the MORAL up for ALL? That is Faculty , STUDENTS, and Staff. Everyone feels bad moral from any department and slow the whole work atmosphere right down. If enough money seems to left over every year that equals the amount to move Central office off campus, I think that is a start. Then those offices could be used of one or two classes,,,,perhaps HOME Economics and ACCOUNTING. A.G., Wood Shop and Special Ed. are using Accounting,,,why not everyone??? How many students really know about budgeting, and for their own future,,,,,,INVESTING. A open form is in need with a Monitor, and time limits for question and for the answer. Have your numbers ready,,,the proof is in the pudding…..

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