1. How come the meetings at Salisbury are good and they bring up the High School positively? The positive things said here I would hope they are spoke again at the High School Board meetings. Dave, GREAT Question!! I would hope this gets claified once and for all, so everyone knows where they stand. It was good to hear references of status. I hope your Chairman gets answers from ABC so all Boards know right were and who the Chief Executor is. Good JOB!!

  2. There was a comment made of how the boards threat the Superintendent, differently. Once the findings are found by the Chairman for who is Chief Executor, wouldn’t it be time that as stated, all the schools are now on the same path, all the Boards are to be conducted in the same form, so their is CONTINUITY in all Board Meetings?

  3. In a publicly traded business, Chief Executive Officers are answerable to their stockholders. These boards of education are
    choosing to grant Dr. Vogel the CEO title. We the taxpayers are the stockholders. (In Al G.’s business model) these stockholders are the ones to oust the CEO from the leadership role when they do not feel their investments are being handled properly. What the boards of education are creating is a greater barrier between the CEO and the stockholders. This barrier further distances the CEO from the stockholders. Theses boards are choosing to grant even more extensive dictatorial powers to our superintendent. What little democratic semblance our educational hierarchy may have had, is being taken from us.
    Please vote “NO” on May 8th and help to maintain what little say we may have left in our children’s education.

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