1. Hi I am a parent of a child who goes to Kent Center School and my complaint is in regards to the new NYP grading system. At first when I heard about the new grading system form the other moms I was more than sceptical but then once school started my child was doing pretty well until he got his first NYP it was tough but he worked through it and got it fixed fast forwards 2 week him and most of his friends had more than one NYP and he’s is struggling fast forwards to january my child is not his usual bubbly self before he used to be in the living room playing video games spending time with my and his dad or doing homework and he would want to go snowboarding every weekend plus every day when he got home from school he talk all about how much fun he had that day and very often you would catch him even saying he loved school but now he’s closed himself off from the world we never see him its scary that when I walk in my living room when I get back from work I don’t see my thirteen year-old son playing video games. But on top of all that what killed me to hear was my son crying in his room doing his homework and when I tried to say something yelled at me slammed his door in my face I shooted “I hate you”. If this doesn’t show you the grading system isn’t killing our kids, I have one question for you Mrs. superintendent how do you sleep at night.

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