Here are the new SAT scores for Region One..tell me why the board approves an extension for our superintendent? 2

SAT scores dropped below 500 for the first time in 4 years for ELA. (Math dropped from 529 to 482 as well).

Regional 01 ‘17-18
522 down arrow
529 down arrow

Full article in The Hartford Courant….these are the LOWEST SAT scores of any region school district in Connecticut. This should  help you understand why the Region One grammar schools send only 58% of the students graduating  to H.V.R.H.S!



  1. Do not worry Region One. After we explain to the SAT people that our students have been conditioned to not put forth their best efforts on the original assessments, and that they are allowed to test, retest, and re-test ad infinitum, a super duper national flex period will be established. We just have to wait until the national education picture catches up with our region’s advanced ideas and BOE initiatives.

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