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  1. People remember whatyoou rerunning for and WHY. This is not for ego in the community this is for the students. For get what party you or anyone belongs to, it’s for the students. what ever your experience is on a board I would hope your training with CABE is left at the door. Remember who elected you there. Cabe’s main training is to give the public time to comment, then ignore with a “THANK YOU for your comment”, and you’ll never get an answer. Change the way you do business according to their standards. You want to go to school on how not to run a board meeting? Study the Region One Board meetings of arrogance . Perhaps you can make your school a Private school. Perhaps A Charter School. ( oh gush a school with teachers not belonging to a UNION?) Yep, and watch your attendance and grades go up.Watch for a list of students that want and education and want to come to your school. Perhaps you can recruit from out of district. I hear people have nothing but GREAT remarks of your school. Have them pay to go. Why not other schools recruit. The one gentleman spoke more inline of Business,,,,Many schools are run on a Business Managers expertises, because it is a business that makes it run, Serious concideration should be impressed there!!. One clue to your sucess of the Students,,,,YOUR LISTENING SKILLS. Do NOT just hear the people,,,LISTEN to the People.

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