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  1. What in the heck is this school system so darn fixated on China? Are you people so weak you need a communist country as a leader? You demonstrate you have no imagination nor Leadership. So you point out the high rise buildings, but you didn’t show the shoe box apartments they live in, You point out the schools, but you make no mention of the uniforms they all wear. You talk about the cities but you darn sure didn’t dare take any pictures of the workers that flood the streets and corners and tea shops on the streets that ARE set there to follow you, listen to you, observe you, and they report on you, Oh yes the people flock to you like movie stars, they treat you like royalty. And you still won’t get it, don’t understand it, refuse to see the killings and straving out side the cities, concentration camps, Oh yes they will tell the naive Americans we don’t have those anymore. Did you forget to take some pictures of the smoke stacks bellowing out Black smoke? No you took pictures of what they approved of. Perhaps you already missed the most important work in this run of words that best describes WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BE visiting China. It is in the 2 sentence, “Communist”. This world you THINK, you are posting as flowers and joy and love, I think maybe your days in the 60″s and 70’s were just that with your Flower Power wacky weed mind you never developed any further from. It ain’t that way little lady Assistant Superintendent. Your the one pushing this, you always have, you always LOVED China’s ways better than ours and push their values off on our young students. Doesn’t that word register your well nourished brain of education, and under nourished brain of real world enemy , spies, population control, mental manipulation of the weak? They smile, welcome you,,,they want to stab us in the back and if they can in the heart, but to manipulate your brains and then be able to control you is even better when you side with them. And you are ,,,doing a wonderful job to their success. Twist the minds of the young for they are still teachable, trainable to conform, and twistable. Women have always been excellent spies, and infiltrators,,, you both demonstrate their qualifications. I’d love to hear back from from people who have served in uniform their honest approval or disapproval of your teachings of China. Oh,,,let’s not offend them or their country also; it is; Communist China.

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