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Welcome! First of all, let’s describe this blog! It is a safe haven for all who wish to report on what they know is going on with the Region One administration in the day to day operation of the district. You can post here anonymously, without fear of retribution from the administration.

You can post documents, videos, or just your comments. It will be updated by the administration of this blog when new information comes to light, and it will be updated with information that has already been brought to light on other media. In addition, this blog will contain some personal observations of Marshall Miles, its creator. These opinions and observations will be solely those of Marshall Miles, an alumnus and long-term supporter (and for many years parent!) in Region One.  These opinions and observations do not, and are not intended to, represent any of the companies that Marshall is connected to or affiliated with, i.e. WHDD AM/FM, WBSL-FM, Robin Hood Radio. com, CATV 6, robinhoodradiotv, Tri-State Public Communications, Inc., or any of the underwriters, management, or employees of these companies.

It is our sincere hope to bring more information to light regarding what we consider to be the poor management of our wonderful school system over the past several years, and to inform and educate the public in the region from a different viewpoint of that of the administration, and some members of the Board of Education.  When you make a post, it will be reviewed before it is posted, so please be patient!

Thanks for coming, and please spread the word … let’s bring Region One back to a working relationship with the Board of Education, the administration, and the public.  The time has come for the Board to act like a board, rather than a satellite state following the dictates of the Central Office.

All posts are property of regiononereport.com (c)regiononereport.com 2012 and may not be used in part or in entirety without the permission of regiononereport.com

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