Was a Housatonic Valley Regional High School teacher suspended? Did the teacher then resign? Was a new teacher hired? Should not the board know at least about the events?! 2

Over the weekend, the regiononereport received information from several anonymous sources that a teacher, a Housatonic High School faculty member, had been suspended.  After some investigation, we found out the following: 1.  The teacher’s classes were covered by Dave Bayersdorfer. 2.  The teacher, who we will leave unnamed, had resigned.  3. A new teacher was hired as of Friday, March 9.

We do not recall hearing ANY of this at the last Region One Board of Education meeting:  not in a report from the Superintendent, not in a report from the Assistant Superintendent, not in a report from the high school Principal, not in a report from the Vice Principal.  Is this not information that should be given by some member of the administration in a report to the Board?

We checked with Region One Board Chair Phil Hart at 12:30 Sunday afternoon, March 18, who told us he has no knowledge of such events.

We confirmed with Dave Bayersdorfer that he did indeed get called in to substitute for a teacher in this time frame.