Jonathan Moore, Vice Chair of The Region One Board Of Education thinks we can’t add! We just HAD to showcase his hapless attempt to justify a 6.26% rise in the superintendents salary/annuity line as a separate story, with our answer! 3

Here is Mr. Moore, Vice Chair of The Region One Board of Education, replying to the fact that the salary/annuity line in the superintendents budget line has increased by 6.26%…

“Once again this information is wrong. I guess you have to read the first part of the line where it says Salary/Annuity. You all asked last year for that to be added to the salary line hence the 6%. Her salary did not increase by 6%, the line did due to the requested change.”

Our response….

Salary/annuity/call it what you may…it still is ADDING 6.26 percent to the bottom line….

For our esteemed member of The Region One Board from Kent…here is some more reading material

1) There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. – Mark Twain attributed this to B. Disraeli
2) It has long recognized by public men of all kinds … that statistics come under the head of lying, and that no lie is so false or inconclusive as that which is based on statistics. – H. Belloc
3) Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. – Samuel Clemens (alias Mark Twain)
4) If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment – Ernest Rutherford

By the way, will have more to say on Pat’s “annuity”, it’s history, it’s earlier cover-up and more at a later date..

Please let Mr. Moore know the Region One taxpayers were not born yesterday, here is his contact information.

Mr. Jonathan Moore, Vice Chair
6 Elizabeth Street, PO Box 903
Kent, CT 06757
Phone: (860) 927-4580


 Figures don’t lie, but liars figure (Samuel Clemens (alias Mark Twain)- a perfect description of  Jonathan Moore, Vice Chair of The Region One Board Of Education


  1. Anonymous April 1, 2012 at 5:42 pm
    Upon my review of the Superintendent’s Office budget I found the salary and pension benefit lines totally misleading. Is Diane Goncalves current year’s salary $135,502 or $132,845? If it’s $132,845, how can the budget dated 3/2/12 show the 2% increase before the Board approval of 3/28/12? And the Superintendent Office budget does not indicate how much Patricia Chamberlain receives for her annuity. Can they put a footnote at least to indicate the annuity dollars? Now the budget is showing a combined figure, Salary/Annuity. It does not make sense to the public. Is the administration trying to hide something?

  2. The Region One Board approved additional 5 vacation days and 2 personal days for Patricia Chamberlain at their last meeting.I would like to know What is the dollar value for these days? In fact, does the public know the number of work days for the three Central Office administrators? Shouldn’t their contracts be posted on Region One website? And how can the board justify Diane Goncalves’ 2% increase plus $2,500 annuity? Why increase plus annuity? Isn’t it almost 4% increase? Sam Herrick gets 1% salary adjustment plus 2% pay increase. What’s the difference between salary adjustment and general wage increase??? It all looks very misleading to me.

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