Video of JAW DROPPING unthruths from Region One Board member Laura Freund and A.B.C. Member Delores Perotti at North Canaan Board Of Finance meeting 1

JAW DROPPING untruths from the Region One Board member

. She claims that Patricia A. Chamberlain did not take raises for several years….WRONG it was ONE YEAR,and that year her annuity went up! She also said, along with the North Canaan Board Of Education Chairman, that by extending the contracts of the administrators, it cost nothing!!!! WHO ARE THEY KIDDING!!!!! Taking a three-year contract, and tearing them up, adding more vacation days (more money), more annuity (more money), that on top of a 2 percent raise! Look at the video

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  1. There is no way the local board should investigate. They have done nothing in the last two years. The dirty laundry needs to be aired. Gale and Marilyn are the only members that have integrity and want to get to the bottom of this mess. The lies just keep getting bigger and bigger. We need to hold people accountable for their actions. The attorney general needs to step in.

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