35 OUT OF 94…The Region One Report Explains…. 1

The rumor that 35 out of 94 Seniors at Housatonic failed the first marking period is FALSE.

regiononereport.com spoke to Housatonic Principal Matt Harnett and got the full story:
35 seniors out of 94 at Housatonic received a “F” on their report cards, that is the cold, hard truth.
Receiving an “F” is not failing the marking period, it is failing a particular subject that period.

Not good news for sure, but much better news than the rumor that has been going around.

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  1. Almost 40% of seniors failed one or more class? …and the principal is trying to split hairs? Remember everyone, these report cards are transferred to student transcripts and get SENT TO COLLEGES!!!!! This is terrible news, and quite frankly, embarrassing. It indicates that NO SUCCESS has been made over the past several years regarding efforts to improve student apathy. It also means the freshman program that started 4 years ago is not as successful as was claimed.

    And to think, the administrators were given raises. Why?

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