What? Pressure from a High School Department Head to other teachers telling them NOT to go to the Hurley Hearings today… 2

Several reports from people at Housatonic Valley Regional High School that a certain Department head has been telling teachers NOT to show up at the hearing today at 3 PM.  Three emails to Region One Report, and then a telephone call today on WHDD/Robinhoodradio that made the same claim. If true, why? If teachers want to show up and show support, or just watch the session it is their right..this is an OPEN PUBLIC session.


  1. Unfortunately this does not surprise me at all. After being at Housy for 4 years, I have noticed behaviors from a certain few department heads that is similar to this, completely immature and it should NOT be tolerated.
    – Josh Prause

  2. Some board members need to grow a set and tell bullies and thieves to hit the road, enough is enough. That why parents try to send their kids to private school, because this is not good for our kids. And all these lawyers cost taxpayer money. We voted you in to represent the taxpayers and students. Stand up for what is right, the contract changes, bulling people, what are we teaching or kids !!!! Is this how you want your child to be like? I don’t think so!!!!!!! So don’t let it happen!!!!!!!!! Hold the administration accountable for their action. Stop playing their game, contract changes, they agreed to 3 years that’s what you get. Bulling is against the law, you let it happen in front of kids. Come on get real !!!!!!!!

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