1. falls village retire or go part time
    salisbury get resume find better job
    kent two kids under 5 find job closer to home
    cornwall retired

    • Falls Village, yes, always good to have a grammar school with no full time principal
      Salisbury, to be closer t home, hmmm, where he is going is the same distance from his house as Salisbury
      Kent..hmmm, the flight is in full force!
      Cornwall, don’t even get me started on the behind-the-scenes drama that happened there!!!!
      Region One is just not in a stable state right now, nor has it been for the past three years,for many reasons, I have not pointed the finger at anyone.

  2. Now salisbury is going to have interim principal , and let everything slide for a year like it did the last time this happened.

  3. Appears as if the proposed interum principal did not even have to apply ( please tell me how that works)

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