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In Region 1, Honor Jack Mahoney by Naming the Building After Him

Published: Thursday, March 08, 2012

Speaking of gratitude, it would seem to us that it is time to honor former Housatonic Valley Regional High School principal Jack Mahoney by naming the new science and technology center on the school’s campus for him. Mr. Mahoney, who died unexpectedly last year, was nearly as dedicated to the school after his retirement as he was during his more than three decades as a teacher and principal there. He had devoted many hours to bringing to fruition the dream of the science and technology center.The center, which will occupy an abandoned and renovated building on the campus, is one of those life-enhancing efforts undertaken by volunteers. It is being largely paid for through grants and private donations and will give aspiring students at the school a place where they can do long-term extracurricular or extra credit projects under the guidance of—you guessed it—volunteer advisors.

But, when the 21st Century Fund, which Mr. Mahoney helped to found to help advance educational experiences at the school, recommended that the center be called the Mahoney-Hewitt Science and Technology Center (Diane Hewitt is another major benefactor of the center), the Region 1 Board of Education postponed the vote for a month, purportedly to give time for public comment.

This provoked an outcry among sensitized residents of Region 1, who believe the delay may result from a disagreement between Mahoney and Superintendent of Schools Patricia Chamberlain stemming from last year’s shake-up at the school. Whether the delay is, or is not, politically motivated, it does raise the question: Why is it so hard to say, “Thanks!”

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