Catering or Safety? We Agree Safety Is The Correct Choice Here…. Reply

SALISBURY — Salisbury Central School Board of Edu­cation member Jeffrey Lloyd’s effort to change the bus stop at Salisbury School didn’t get much traction from his colleagues Monday. The bus now pulls onto the private school’s property to pick up about 15 to 20 stu­dents. Lloyd said he has watched and the children appear to take their time get­ting on the bus, making the trip longer. He said he would like to see the children assemble on Route 44, ready to get on the bus when it arrives, so the route would not go up on school property. He said the buses rarely go on private property and his proposal would only make it fair.
“I’m not sure we’re acting on a problem or there’s a con­cern for equity,” member Jennifer Weigel said. “I’m not sure what problem we’d really be solving.” “Every other student is not d to,” Lloyd said. Region 1 Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain said keeping the pick-up off the road is safer.
“My question is, where does it stop?” asked Lloyd. “What’s Hotchkiss going to ask for? It lays the ground­work for other requests.”
“It’s not catering,” said member Stephanie Thomas. “We like the kids to be safe.” Weigel said getting the bus off the road allows cars fol­lowing it to move on. “I think this is a good solution.”

The Problem with the Region One Board Of Education? Mr. Moore is one, a BIG One. Reply

Look at this quote from Mr. Moore in this mornings Republican-American….

Jonathan Moore, Kent’s representative to the regional board, said that his own five­ minute interview led him to believe the Pingpank Report was slanted.

“I don’t believe in the Ping­pank Report. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe some of the problems highlighted in the report don’t exist,” he said.


5 minutes! He knew all in five minutes.

Hopefully Kent will now vote to have an elected position on the Region One Board, so Mr. Moore can spend more than five minutes  reading about solving other important problems OTHER than Region One.

We would all be blessed.

Please attend this meeting!

Residents of the Region 1 school district will have an opportunity to have their voices heard at 7 p.m. Friday at the Cornwall Library. A group of concerned residents has organized a forum to discuss district issues that they believe the Region 1 Board of Education has not addressed.