This was printed in the Afton Star Enterprise Newspaper which serves East Union School District, Dr. Vogel’s former employer, on June 7, 2018.
Did our Board of Ed know her district was left INSOLVENT, they couldn’t even make summer payroll without borrowing money, the month after she left -, before they made her Superintendent? They had over a year to check. Finance is a HUGE part of her job, how does our Bd of Ed ignore even asking?

Didn’t they have two years to check references and find out? 

Did our Board of Ed know they got rid of the grading system after she left and test scores IMPROVED? Or did they not bother to check on that either?

Did our Board of Ed see they changed the system AND started to listen to teachers AND parents.And it worked?

What did the Board of Ed do to insure they hired the best Superintendent they could? Were any references checked? Anyone even ask the previous school district how it worked there?

This paper is not online but pics of the whole article are in the comments. Please note, two years prior, the same newspaper reported test scores had not improved with the new grading system – test scores were “mediocre” per Pam Vogel (CLICK ON IMAGES TO READ ARTICLES)



  1. So what’cha gonna do when the well runs dry?????? What’cha gonna say when you’re surprised everyone GRADUATED? Oh,,,,,,how they do that? You gonna believe anything She says??? Oh,,,,,remember these words? “Oh,,,,I’ll hold off till next year.” Get the He– rid of the top 2, and restaff 90% of the Board. Take Charge of what is YOURS!!!!! CONTROL!!!!! You heard the Lawyer,,,,,,,,,,,,It’s the Board. They are suppose to be in charge, and who controls the Board? You do,,,,,We do!!!!! Services not needed anymore. You have failed the STUDENTS!!!!! You have exhibited many untrustworthy work ethics, and reneged on what we held to your honor of word. Best of luck on your next job venture>>>>> ( Oh,,, the arrows are showing you the way to the DOOR. Thank You Very Much!!!!)

  2. How can anyone act surprised by these “revelations?” Vogel has made it her mission to paint the high school as a failure from the beginning. Months after she was hired as assistant superintendent the president of teacher’s union wrote a letter that she read out loud at a board of ed meeting. It pointed out the many many ways that Vogel was misrepresenting data about student performance. She was ignored. A short time after that the academic admin was reamed out by Vogel at a board of ed meeting. She claimed he was presenting inaccurate data on student performance. He was not of course. The board, the lead team, the high school administration are guilty of supporting this fraud and the bill of goods she has been selling from day one. Strever may be the worst offender. Cut deals with multiple students who did not qualify for graduation hours before the ceremony took place. First ever case of Munchhausen by educational proxy? Only if you don’t include Iowa.

  3. Can theses recent scheduling debacles be added to the list? While the multitude of early dismissal days due to the heat may be debated- the extra holidays, two separate early release mid-week schedules, earlier school year start dates, and the significant reduction in teacher time with students, are more than valid questions for concern. Who is the national “expert,” Central Office repeatedly flys in and gives carte blanch authority to disrupt our school years? Have teachers had any input? Parents and students most certainly have not. How much does this scheduling guru cost the region? Students do not have a full week of school (5 consecutive days) until mid October. Many core level classes have had their time reduced significantly as is, and all these early release times serve to compound the problem.
    Surely there is some research out there that supports a routine with adequate class time as beneficial to learning. Can we have this type of student centered proponent flown in to support our students?

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