From this mornings Republican-American…..Will Kent come in to the 21 Century? 3

KENT — Residents who turn out for Thursday’s town meet­ing to discuss the idea of chang­ing the town’s representative to the Region 1 Board of Educa­tion from an appointed to an elected position will now be voting on the proposal. First Selectman Bruce K. Adams said Monday the select­men changed the town meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday to include wording for a vote on the issue.
Resident Edward Epstein submitted a petition with the required 50 certified signatures to Town Clerk Darlene F. Brady on Oct. 1. The Board of Selectmen discussed the issue and set the date the next day, with a plan to have just a hearing first, fol­lowed by a vote in January.
A special selectmen’s meeting was called Oct. 4 to further clarify the wording on the meeting notice.
Adams sent out a notice to the town by email Friday to alert townspeople of the town meeting and that it was being called to “discuss and vote on making the Kent representative to the Region 1 BOE an elected position.” The change to an elected position would require alteration of a town ordinance. “If the vote is affirmative, an ordinance change will be brought to the annual town meeting in January,”
The Kent Board of Education has said it opposes the change. Members stated Thursday evening that they are happy with the current setup with an appointed representative. Jonathan Moore has served as the representative for over two years. Four of the six towns in Region 1 — Canaan, Falls Village, Salisbury and Sharon — have elected rep­resentatives. Only Cornwall and Kent continue to appoint their representatives.


  1. Shouldn’t the headline be “When will Canaan, Falls Village, Salisbury, and Sharon come into the 21st Century?

    • Boy are you way off base and out of touch! Taxpayers pay the full price for the education system. Right now regular school board members are elected! The tax paying public should have the right as well, to vote for the Region One School Board representative. Appointing political favorites is a thing of the past..and full of back-room politics. As a matter of fact the recent quote from the Kent Board Of Education member Paul Cortese “With a representative appointed by the Board of Education, we have more control over that position.” says it all, BACK ROOM POLITICS, DEALS AND STEALS! Obviously, it is all about CONTROL for board, not about what is fair and correct. That quote should be the quote repeated at the town meeting tonight, and if passed, all during the election of a new board representative. The times they are a changing! Get with it anonymous..or get out of the way.

  2. Time for the super and assistant super to get out the games are over! The kids are the important thing !!!!!! It’s unbelievable how region 1 has been run. All the board member need to get tough and represent your town and kids and stop falling into the games . This bull is uncalled for!!!!!!!!!!!!

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