Take A Letter Maria…. Reply

At last nights Region One Board Of Education meeting, Chair Phil Hart of  Cornwall read a letter into the record from five of the 6 First Selectmen in the region. It is interesting to note, the 5 First Selectmen who signed the letter have NEVER been to a board meeting in the year and a half we have been attending the meetings. The only regular First Selectman to show up at the meetings…Falls Village, and they did not sign the letter. Marshall Miles pointed out to the board that just because concerned citizens show up and voice their discontent with certain board actions and the apparent dysfunction of the board (which, by the way, was noted by the Assistant Superintendent in the Waterbury Republican just yesterday), does not mean that they do not wish the same success for the students, board, administration, and district. as a matter of fact, it shows their concern for the operation of the system.

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