April Fools! The Main Story out of The Region One BOE Meeting April 1 1

It was no April fools joke. The main item last night was the announcement of the ABC recommending to the Region One BOE three-year contracts to the top administrators with a 2% raise each year of the contract, opening up new contract talks in 2015.

Well, I am happy with the three-year contract(with no opener until 2015) if the current contract that the administration has stays in effect for its full length.

But, with our economy in the condition it is in, with Sharon’s budget up by over 17% this year, with North Canaan paying about $390,000 more to Region One this year, with declining enrollment in the Region, with Region One adding three positions while laying off 4 teaching positions, etc…etc…

Is it really the time for the ABC to recommend to the Region One Board to offer a 2% raise every year for three years?


And Chairman Phil a request….please stop your useless, lengthy, comments (thinly disguised attacks) on board members that happen not to agree with you. It is very unbecoming.

*****The meeting will be posted on the CATV 6/Robin Hood Radio Tv YouTube site later this evening, and on-air on CATV 6 tomorrow evening, and here on this website by tomorrow morning.