1. Patricia Chamberlain thinks she deserves a raise and a contract extension? Looks like she should be happy to not get a prison sentence.

      • You are correct. Having seen first hand the “anger driven behavior” of some from central office, I truly believe PC did what she is being accused of. Only time will tell if the courts feel the same way.

  2. Maybe now something will get done about the Pingpank report? Hello, Board of Education, are you there?

  3. Everyone should be concerned about what happened before this suit was filed. According to today’s Waterbury Republican this action had to be well known to Chairman Phil Hart prior to the filing and he failed to alert the members of the Board of Education of this development. He has no authority to withhold such information from the Board as it is the Board, not the chairman, who is the executive authority and supervises the superintendent and for that fact all matters of the Board. We should all be troubled that except for Cornwall, none of our representatives, presumably, knew what was happening and they, of course, should have. This is just another example of the chairman’s lack of common sense, transparency and his autocratic style. It’s called a Board for a reason and I expect my representative to have the opportunity to address any and all items, whether they rise to the level of this particular concern or not! As for the contents of the suit itself, how can anyone be surprised. Let’s just hope that the majority of the Region One Board and the local Boards, too, stops burying its collective head in the sand regarding the findings of the Pinkpank Report and addresses the on-going issues that are more evident than ever. Wouldn’t you think that after two and half years the time has come?!

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