If you want to protect your local towns spending on school budgets, vote no on this Region One Budget Reply

Towns are losing more and more control of their own budget process….add to the list the person to implement the new marking and report card system, to be taken over by the region, the curriculum to be taken over by the region. Sharon will lose control of its computer network position as well..and on all these positions if Sharon is out voted, your must follow along. When this region was formed, individual towns wanted their independence..well, you are now loosing it under this administration. A yes vote weakens individual towns choices on how much it wants to pay locally, by handing that over to the region. It’s a slippery slope, and not one you can climb back up once at the bottom. Think twice…a no vote is a vote for your local town. A yes vote on this budget takes more decision-making on spending dollars out of individual towns hands and puts it in the administrations and boards hands..and a majority are oblivious of local concerns.

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