Signs of change in North Canaan …..Laura Freund denied Democratic nomination to run for Region One Board Of Education at Caucus 1

At the Democratic caucus in North Canaan, Laura Freund was REPLACED by Carol Shulz as the Democratic Choice to run for Region One Board Of Education.

It has been reported to Region One Report that Fruend lost in the caucus 6-3. Republicans have not caucused yet. This is a clear sign of the public NOT being satisfied with the status Quo. Not in the Region One Board, and not with the administration.  In case you forgot this from last year here is Freund “dissing”  her current employer!

Click on link then play video to see how Laura talked about her current employer. We wonder how long she would be employed if she said that about our current administration while working in Region One ?!

Laura Freund, in her own words, dissing the current school district that pays her salary

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  1. And so it begins, the first of the administrations lackeys to fall. Lets have some more, people.

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