Response to Mr. Moore’s “ANGRY FEW” letter to the editor 1


A message to Mr. Moore on his calling taxpayers that have defeated the Region One Budget three times,the “angry few”,  the last time with ALL TOWNS DEFEATING THE BUDGET….with the biggest voter turnout yet….moore

The angry few?
1) Three budget votes, three defeats
2) The last vote, all towns defeated the budget, biggest voter turnout yet
3) After the last, resounding defeat, the board decides to send the exact same budget to the voters!

The only angry few appear to be the board, and the administration!

Lucille Paige-Patricia Chamberlain Case Transferred To Federal Court! 6

It now appears that the suit against Patricia Chamberlain has been transferred to FEDERAL COURT, and is now on the docket for NEXT JUNE. The case was transferred because of the freedom of speech and whistle-blower status. We are awaiting conformation on the trial date and other particulars on this case, and hope to have them by Monday so we can post latest information. If true, this will cost the Region plenty of overtime. In the past two of months, overtime paid to fill in for Paige  was over $700.00 dollars.gaveljpg-e3cae5341b510b7a